DigitizeErp provides the following services

Organizations that prioritize innovation must efficiently and affordably bring new products and services to market to stay competitive in the global market. Successfully achieving these goals through effective technology and business process transformation is crucial for a company's success.

1.) Technology Lifecycle Management

Our company provides technology consulting and Mergers and Acquisition services to assist businesses in making strategic IT decisions. Our services are based on business functional requirements, economic feasibility, and technical feasibility. Our goal is to deliver results that provide companies with the greatest achievable benefit.

DigitizeErp technology consulting services include:

Requirements definition

defining and aligning business strategies, translating key business and Operational processes into IT system needs, and outlining IT options to ensure a superior technical fit. We provide innovative ideas to aid in better information system life cycle management through evaluating and understanding alternatives, objectives, and paths to achievement.

Systems selection

developing clear business requirements that lead to identifying the most appropriate technologies for specific company needs while avoiding unduly lengthy and complex evaluation processes.

Systems implementation

helping companies better manage Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) projects throughout their development and implementation lifecycles. We help companies achieve significant business results and quantifiable operational improvements with only incremental increases to original IT investments.

2.) Business Process Management

simplifying product development processes within and across functional groups to reduce conflicting or redundant roles and responsibilities and eliminate potential project bottlenecks.


identifying the most efficient decision points on the development timeline to ensure that projects are completed per project strategy, on time, and within budget.

Workflow refinement

designing project execution workflows to use leading-edge information technologies to boost productivity without additional resources.


stabilizing and accelerating a project that involves a particularly critical business issue or market opportunity.

3.) Product Lifecycle Management:
Benchmarking and business case development

developing a case for change through evaluation of financial returns and business operations needs

Objective vendor assessment and selection

selecting the most appropriate PLM tools

Process, technology, and data alignment

ensuring that practices and technical solutions work in concert to realize your business goals

Enterprise deployment

defining the organizational design and program leadership to ensure prompt decision making and a successful

PLM Critical Project Recovery (CPR)

turning around existing product life cycle management programs that have not created expected results

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Our approach involves assembling teams of experts from diverse fields to address complex challenges. We collaborate with leaders and their teams in all Industries to turn around organizations.

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