1.) Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Organizations are realizing the significant business value that Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can bring and are seeking ways to enhance their existing ERP systems. Corporate restructuring and compliance requirements are pushing for improved information accessibility, process clarity, and cost savings. To achieve a higher ROI from ERP systems, businesses can customize their ERP applications to support adaptive business processes and drive growth more efficiently.

Different Capabilities, According to Your Need DigitizeErp Enterprise Resource Planning solutions strategically position your technology assets to align with and adapt to your business processes, reducing your total cost of ownership and improving responsiveness, quality, and ROI.

Our experience with service-oriented architecture (SOA) and business process management can help accelerate the creation of agile, flexible systems to address today’s marketplace and operational demands better.

Whether you’re implementing a new ERP system or upgrading an existing one, DigitizeErp can help you:

  • Unite people, process and strategy
  • Create flexible technology solutions
  • Deploy timely and accurate information across the enterprise

ERP solutions can help you gain:

  • Greater operational efficiency — we work with you to achieve process innovations that facilitate greater integration and focus organizational attention on prioritized demands.
  • Faster Time to Benefit — Our industry-leading, industry-tailored application assets speed our time of delivery and reduce project risk to get your process and system up and running faster.
  • Improved business responsiveness — with agile IT architecture, applications can respond faster and more effectively to changes in business process coming within the organization or from the marketplace.
  • Reduced IT expenditures — Effective reuse of IT assets helps realize a sustainable cost reduction from your IT function and make's resources available to deploy toward growth initiatives.
2.) Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Over the past few decades, the Information Revolution has led to an overwhelming amount of information for organizations. Despite this, the right information is often not readily available when needed. This can have serious consequences, including compromising customer satisfaction, missed sales opportunities, increased procurement costs, and financial reporting and regulatory compliance issues. In today's competitive business world, Artificial Intelligence and Analytics have become essential for performance management.

They provide decision-makers with powerful tools to analyze and report on integrated data sets from different systems. This allows for a deeper understanding of financial, customer, product, sales, and supply chain information, enabling both tactical and strategic business decisions that can increase profitability.

Increase the business value of data

DigitizeErp Business Intelligence solution offers a comprehensive approach to helping you analyze, present and deliver information to business users.

Our Business Intelligence solution can help you:

  • Take a cohesive and strategic view of your organization's information needs to identify and prioritize critical initiatives.
  • Extend secure information access to your workforce at a lower cost than traditional solutions.
  • Enhance analytical and decision-making capacity.
  • Implement the disciplines, processes and tools that allow you to manage your organization's performance insightfully and aggressively
3.) Data Management

In today's economy, the quality of an organization's data is crucial. Accessible, reliable data can help make informed decisions and increase its value. However, if data is dispersed across various systems and of uncertain quality, it can hinder progress and require significant effort to correct past mistakes. At DigitizeErp, we offer Data Management solutions that help organizations regain control of their structured data. By optimizing data infrastructure and management, we can provide valuable insights and competitive advantages.

Our solutions focus on data modeling, data quality improvement, data integration, and metadata management to bring information under control.

Our consultants have extensive industry experience and can help design an information strategy and governance framework. We prioritize data ownership, standardize definitions, and streamline information management for better decision-making.

Our Data Management solution can help you:

  • Take a cohesive and strategic view of your organization’s information needs to identify and prioritize critical initiatives
  • Enhance analytical and decision-making capacity
  • Implement the processes and tools that allow you to manage your organization's performance insightfully and aggressively

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